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The Digestive System

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Now that you have finished learning about the Food Groups, it's time to hop on the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle and explore the Digestive System. You will enter the body through the mouth and follow the path that food takes as it goes through your digestive system. After you read through the questions use the links at the bottom of the page to research your answers.

Open Wide: The Mouth and Esophagus
1.What is a synonym for saliva? What does saliva do to begin the digestion process?
2.How long does it take to chew and swallow your food?
3.What muscle in your mouth helps you break down your food?
4.How long is the esophagus? How exactly does food get your esophagus to your stomach?
5.What happens when something you are drinking accidentally goes down your windpipe?

The Stomach
1.What are the three important jobs of your stomach?
2.What two things help your stomach break down food?
3.How long can food remain sloshing in your stomach?

The Small and Large Intestine
1.Which is longer: your small or large intestine?
2.What does the small intestine do that is helpful for your body?
3.Describe what happens to your food in your large intestine?
4.How long can food stay in your large intestine?

Where Food Turns to Poop
1.How does your food turn from a watery waste product to solid poop?
2.What is the very last stop in the digestive tract?
3.If it is hard for you to poop, what might be a possible problem?

I Donít Feel So Good
1.What are some symptoms you might have if part of your digestive system (like your stomach) were sick?
2.What are they types of things that are important to keep the digestive system in good working order?
3.What sorts of foods and drinks should we make a part of our daily diets? What sorts of things should we avoid?


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