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Ms. Frizzle has chosen our third grade class to take a ride on the Magic School Bus so we can explore the digestive system and how our body turns food into energy. However, Ms. Frizzle has requested that before we are allowed on the Bus, our students must first learn about food and the importance of having a healthy diet.

The class will be broken down into groups of 2 students, and together you will research and learn more about the following topics.

The Five Food Groups

The Digestive System

Using the websites found on the Process page of this Magic School Bus WebQuest, you will answer the questions pertaining to your topics using the links provided on each topic page.
After you have found the answers to your questions, you must complete the following three tasks:

1. Write a 1-2 page story about your adventures with Ms. Frizzle and what you learned about food and the digestive system.

2. Create a visual aid to show to the class what happened on your journey. It can be hand drawn or pictures you have found on the internet.

3. Make a short presentation about your story to the class.

Please be creative and present your findings in a fun but informative way.

Click on the "Process" link to begin your research.

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