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Each of us eats food everyday, but how do we know what foods we put into our body are good for us? Besides exercise, a key way to stay healthy is good nutrition. Throughout this WebQuest, you will find information about the Food Pyramid, and what foods you should be eating to stay healthy. You will also learn about the Digestive System: the system in our body that breaks our food down to give us energy and provide our body with nutrients. To help you with your research, you will find many interactive games and worksheets to understand the information better. Have Fun!

Pennsylvania State Standards: Academic Standards for Health, Safety& Physical Education

A. Read and understand essential content of informational texts and documents in all academic areas

B. Use and understand a veriety of media and evaluate the quality of material produced

D. Contribute to discussions

E. Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations.

B. Identify and know the location and function of the major body organs and systems: digestive

C. Explain the role of the food guide pyramid in helping people eat a healthy diet.

How Does The Food We Eat Impact Our Bodies And Our Health?
Click on the "Task" link below to find out how you are going to answer that question.

Introduction |  Task |  Process |  Evaluation |  Conclusion